Our evaluation will try to answer some important questions about engaging young people in STEM outreach, including:

  • What is the impact on young people’s knowledge about and interest in STEM careers?
  • Do the workshops inspire some groups of young people more than others?
  • Which content and activities are most engaging for young people?
  • Can virtual delivery be as impactful as face-to-face delivery?
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How do schools support our evaluation?

We ask all schools to support our evaluation by completing teacher and student surveys after the workshop. Schools typically do this by sharing a link to the online survey with their students.

It is important to get a wide range of responses from as many students as possible. To support this, some schools are requested to make time in the school day for survey completion as this helps to drive up responses.

Measuring change before and after the workshop

A smaller number of schools will be selected and approached to support an additional part of the evaluation to understand how young people’s views have changed as a result of the workshop. These schools will be asked to complete student surveys twice – once before and once after the workshop.

Schools that are approached to support this additional data collection in school time can earn a small thank you payment.

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