Our evaluation will try to answer some important questions about Energy Quest, including:

  • What are teachers’ and students’ experience of Energy Quest?
  • How easy is it for teachers to deliver the Energy Quest lesson, and what are their impressions of the resources?
  • How effective is Energy Quest in growing young people’s knowledge and interest in engineering and technology-related careers?
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How do schools support our evaluation?

We ask all teachers to support our evaluation by completing a teacher feedback survey after you have run at the workshop for your students. We will share a link to the online survey with teachers who registered to the programme. The first 65 teachers (from state schools) that complete the survey will receive a £20 voucher as a thank you for your time.

Extended evaluation

A smaller number of schools will be selected and approached to support an additional part of the evaluation to understand in more detail how Energy Quest is being delivered in schools. This will include:

  • Sharing a short feedback survey with your students to complete after the workshop
  • Allowing a member of the Energy Quest team to observe the workshop on the day
  • Taking part in a 20 minute teacher interview

Schools that support this additional data collection in school time will receive a £200 thank you payment. If you are interested in hearing more about the evaluation and think you can support our work, please indicate your interest in the extended evaluation when you register for Energy Quest.

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