By taking part in an Energy Quest workshop, you’ll be supporting young people and their teachers to understand more about the range of career opportunities in engineering, and where engineering might take them in the future.

As a volunteer you will visit a school to support a half day or full day of workshops, or you have the option to join the workshop virtually for a fifteen minute Q & A session to answer students questions about what you do and what inspired you to become an engineer.

We are an inclusive organisation and actively seek volunteers from a range of backgrounds and experiences.

We want young people to see themselves represented in the volunteers who work with us, so we actively encourage volunteers from groups who are currently under-represented in the engineering profession to sign up.

Please contact Kim Biddulph if you would like to volunteer on Energy Quest.

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"I’ve learnt so much! Before this session I never considered Engineering as a job option but now I am thinking about it."

Year 8 student
  • 5,162

    young people engaged by volunteers in 2020-23

  • 153

    sessions delivered with a volunteer in 2020-23

  • 73

    UK schools visited by volunteers in 2020-23

Workshop impact

After taking part in the workshop, students report positive outcomes on their knowledge about the types of things engineers do, the range of careers on offer and the subjects they need to study to pursue a career in STEM. These are the results from the evaluation of the programme in 2020-23. Can you help Energy Quest have even more impact?

  • 85%

    Agree that they know about the different types of things that engineers can do in their jobs

  • 87%

    Agree that they know about the range of careers that engineering can offer

  • 78%

    Agree that they know about the role engineers play in developing technologies for renewable energy sources

  • 64%

    Agree that they could 'definitely' or 'probably' become an engineer if they wanted to

Challenging stereotypes

Students' attitudes to engineering are changed by taking part in Energy Quest. These are some of the new attitudes to engineering from evaluation results in 2020-23. Can you help change attitudes even more?

  • 85%

    Agree that there are opportunities to be creative in engineering careers

  • 81%

    Agree that engineering careers are open to people of all backgrounds

"I think it is very important because I don’t think the students would ever have an opportunity to have this kind of conversation with a professional like this."

How is the workshop delivered?

The workshop will be delivered by an experienced facilitator to groups of approximately 30 students. The facilitator will most likely deliver the workshop face to face, and can admit volunteers to the call/classroom using a virtual link to enable students to ask questions at the appropriate time. Alternatively, the facilitator can welcome you to the workshop in person to support the practical activities and talk to the students about your career.

What will I be asked?

Whether you join in person or online, the facilitator will ask you to:

  1. Introduce yourself (first name only) and your job title.
  2. Give a brief description of what you do, perhaps describing a task that sums up the kind of activity you’d be typically found doing.
  3. Share what inspired you to become an engineer and the pathway you took (e.g. A-levels followed by a degree, a vocational qualification, an apprenticeship, a different career and then a career change).

We hope that students will have plenty of their own questions, but we have provided them with these sample questions below:

  • What made you want to become an engineer (what interests do you have)?
  • What do you do in a typical day?
  • How do you use the engineering design process to help you complete your work?
  • How did you become an engineer (which pathway did you follow)?
  • Have you ever had to use your engineering skills to solve an everyday problem?
How do I connect virtually to the classroom?

The Energy Quest Delivery Partner will be in touch with you before the session to share the details you’ll need to join the session through a video call. Please liaise closely with them to ensure you can access the link on the device you are using and test it in advance

Do I need a DBS check to take part?

Safeguarding requirements vary across schools, but generally you will not be required to undergo a background check before volunteering as the teacher will always be present in the classroom supervising the session.

What other safeguarding measures are in place?

The facilitator will have been DBS checked.

The call will have been setup with the correct settings to ensure students and volunteers are kept safe.

Please only use your first name. If you are joining virtually, turn on a background blur or add a background to your video where possible and ensure that there are no personal items in the frame.

Please be aware that you’re not permitted to record or take any photographs / screen shots of the session. This is to ensure that Energy Quest operates within the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).